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The Medieval
City of Rhodes

Rhodes’ medieval city is clearly the island’s must-see attraction.

This UNESCO World Heritage site is the largest and best preserved fortified city in Europe!

When the knights of Saint-John arrived on the island in 1309, they decided to build this impressive citadel. The 4-km long fortified walls, with many strongholds and towers, are extremely well-preserved.

There are only pedestrian streets inside the walls. You will be able to take a nice stroll and enjoy its charming paved alleys and historical monuments. Nowadays, the medieval city of Rhodes is entirely dedicated to tourism: you will find there many taverns, restaurants and shops.


The Kalithea Springs
Within walking distance of the resort!

The doors to the springs opened on July 1st 2007, after years of renovating the magnificent seaside Monument. This unique combination of nature, architecture and history offers visitors the opportunity to relish in a special experience. Kallithea Springs are a remarkable and representative example of architecture integrated in their natural environment, while being built to human scale.

Enjoy the exquisite architecture, crystal-clear waters, the recreation area (cafeteria), and the picturesque bay with its unique natural beauty


(New Town)

After visiting Rhodes’ old town, you can go outside the fortified walls to visit Mandraki, the modern city.

In the harbour, you will see the 3 mills of Rhodes as well as the place where the famous Colossus of Rhodes was built. This 30-meter high statue of the sun-god Helios was entirely destroyed by an earthquake in 226 BC.

It was replaced by 2 small statues representing a deer (the symbol of Rhodes), built on 2 pillars at the port’s entrance. It’s clearly not as spectacular as the Colossus, considered as one of the 7 ancient wonders of the world!

In Mandraki, you will find many beautiful monuments built during the Italian occupation of Rhodes: the Bank of Greece, the Archbishops Palace, the City Hall and the National Theatre of Rhodes.



Lindos is one of Rhodes’ most beautiful villages, and clearly one of the best places see on the island.

It takes around 1 hour to reach the village, located 50 kilometers South of Rhodes City. Classified as a major archaeological site, Lindos is a real postcard landscape: you will be amazed by the pretty white houses built on the hillside and its Acropolis overlooking the village and the sea.

As Lindos is a pedestrian only town, you should park your car in the free parking lot above the city, then walk down to reach the village’s entrance. When taking a stroll on its paved alleys, you will enjoy numerous souvenirs and clothes shops, as well as many cafés and restaurants.

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